About RhythmSpeaks

Drum Circles are fun, hands-on rhythm-sharing activities for all ages.  No previous drumming experience is necessary to fully enjoy the group experience, and anyone can participate.  Using a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments, participants share the joy and the rhythm of drumming, discovering how easy it is to perform in-the-moment creative music…everyone is an equal participant.

Hanover Mall February 2012 cropped for FB copy

Drum Circles are excellent for:
-Building community
-Educational support
Appropriate For:
-Community organizations
-Extended health care facilities
-Visually Impaired populations
-Business retreats
-Social gatherings
-Populations with intellectual disabilities
“This is the best activity in music I have seen for individual student creativity and expression.”
– Austin Glass, Director of Bands, Pembroke, MA
“Ed provided an outstanding evening for our three youth groups at the Old South Union Church. The students (about 200 of them) immediately got into the program creating wonderful waves of percussion and responding to the rhythmic patterns that Ed led them in.”
-Terry Martinson, Pastor Old South Union Church,
Weymouth, MA
        “Ed has the gift of being able to bring a whole room full
          of diverse people together for the joy of creating music.
He is able to engage with each person with respect and
kindness and at the same time create a wonderfully
cohesive group all working together.”
    – Casey Seaman, Department of Developmental Services-Area Director, Plymouth, MA

Experience the contagious and therapeutic fun of drumming!
Contact us today: 617.653.0964 / ed@rhythmspeaks.com